this problemity

there being no freedom 

to fulfillment here on planet problemity
only problems being on flight from reality
cosmic reality and the vision of creation

where the fulfillment being in progress
but all those idiots here on planet dirt
are not even capable to seeing this
cosmic reality

so these are destroying all environment
all those capable of the capacity
to help them with their

and are only interested with
any idiot fata morgana

any idiot vanity
any idiot fake success
any artificiality

ergo ... art

there while being just
an idiotic danger

to all of creation

proven by the fact of their democracy

where only quantity being
the means to coming to power
not quality

but fulfillment for humans
can only being achived by means
of a humanity

not by power as any predator
having only their power to destroying
not any quality it all

being not even capable of argumentation
of showing any value they are having

and all those
indentifying with this problemity
are nothing it all
but problems

like any dumb dog
being only a problem
guarding any problem

there while a homo sapiens
will rather biologicaly die
before he will be dying
in symbiosis

with any destruction

of creation

since only with
the universe being there
to live in

can there be a humanity
any fulfillment

to talk about
and all those problemes
can not even talk about
their failure

so the can only be a failure

with only their vanity
their destruction
to show

united with their problemity

Why ?

have all of these revolutions
in the last few centuries

not brought the desired success ?

because these tyrants
of this mass of tyrants
could not have any wisdom

so these all pharaohs
so these all phariceans
so these all popes
so these empires

there fore could only their subjects
to keep from developing
all this time

and therefore these now  " liberated "
are not free at all to create a world

where the climate is preserved
the resources ... the environment

where human rights on paper ...
are a reality

so we need now
to catch up on this development
with an argumentocracy

where everyone has a voice
and where can be seen
who has a solution ?

who is reflecting
and not blindly to follow
just his madness ?

so we need
to develop the homo sapiens
so he be capable of wisdom !

everything else just
will bring death to of all us

so we need
no demonstrations by the fff
because these are guaranteed

to have no solutions
as they only can express their frustration
onto the politicians

just like all the demonstants
all revolutionaries

always only
against the oppression
not for a solution could be

and that is that
what we need !

a world where everyone can see
what he is doing is right

not everyone competing with
what everyone is doing wrong

so ...
everything you see today
being perfectly wrong !

so ...
this disease system
and not a health system
where everyone as long
as they have the money
kept sick even further

so ... this economy system
where only stupidity is offered
so ... where nothing at all
one can really buy

so ...
all this population only on the run
from their reality they can be

but we need time and opportunity
to develop us all

not the journey to hell
to a second venus

we have to
organize us as a humanity
not to push us further under

because that being the goal
of those proletarian today
doing what those tyrants
before them did

so not only
to put every one further down

but they are still
to work themselfs up
for their own  death

this phenomenon ...

that runs like a red thread
through the history of this population
so ... this envy of all wisdom ...
on every thing worthy of man

so ... where a jesus christ was scourged
because he aroused the envy of those in power

or this giordano bruno eliminated
because according to him this earth
was not the all and only one
in this universe

or even just a discovery of a galileo
to be finished off

until this day
only worshiping all meaningless things
up to predators as the best friends

or those eating orgies
put under nature damage
because people have factory
farming to eat

or this allergy of all
on solutions in general

so the glorification of all problems
out of pure envy of everything right
meaningful ... true

where climate tilts rights
are legal in front of every court
meanwhile human rights are not
to be guaranteed

so we have a satanic disease here
where everything of value is destroyed
because everything worthless
is required

so this disease
which already school children
demonstrate against it

where there seems no other way
only the galactic pest control
will have to come

to put an end to this haunting life
that no one should ever have

galactic foundation

all those babys

are thrown

out of the womb into a predator tribe
a toy store ... a mac store ... a mc donalds

and they are just doing what ever comes into sight
since they never had or even seen any humans
let alone any humanity

and as soon as any sapiens maybe coming along
they are just freaking out ... since any kind of order
they see as an in fringement on their freedom
to just massivly being insane

on the run from their gruesame reality

there while any humanity
would have saved them from this existence
any humanity would have provided
any humane order

would have every day ask them
what they want ?

and what this was good for ?
what kind of fulfillment they are expecting from ?

all those are starved for the right nourishement
for the right environment letting them become fulfilled
and not just insane destruction and wasting

all this because they never had any parents
having authenticy ... having wisdom
in what makes humans fulfilled

meaning to have some real success
meaning to have a world longer then
a few centuries

but a hundred millions years
of clean environment !

having a fulfilled humanity
not wars ... illness ... strive
for the destruction of all
and every thing

cosmic community

humanity ?

if you are looking at this population
then you can not possible see any humanity
but a anti humanity ... a stupidity
or simply a problem

a lot of those are thinking
they are of any value
but only to other

we have
a problemity

and this will have to change
if this planet is to make the next
hundred million years
to come


because we will not let this be
a danger to our universe

much longer

galactic foundation

this population is allergic
about any solution presented

since only problems are welcome
because only with problems
can this insanity

frustrate any homo sapiens to their death
since there being no human rights to even make
any insanity public

let alone stop any future destruction
any child can see today

even those are demonstrating against
this climate insanity

but as soon as their can vote
to put the right politicians in power
their are made insane themselfs

by all those hormones
of survival

so we need human rights every where 
as a first step to save this world
so responsible humans have
a voice to making

solutions public

our cosmic community

these dangerous madmen

only have one quality > their destruction
on the one hand to not allowing to exist all intelligent beings
ergo ... the real people ... the homo sapiens

mean while billions of madmen
are carefree to have a lot of vanity

so this all madness eg ...

pose this problem
polar bears under nature harm
harming people !!

all these other feeding orgies
so seals etc

to eat away
 so that people do not 
have all these herrings !

the seals are eating away

or those killer whales
all these tons of  tuna
which all these sardines
are then missing every human

 or even worse those krill whales
the best food for people  mega tons devouring

or the introduction of wolves
for all these useful animals to eat away
or these predatory cats

all of this pasture meat devour
also the good nourishment

so we only have problems
the whole quality of which consists

in that they
by their masses
this common harm can put through

meanwhile ...
humans not even can make this public somehow
since they are a mass incapable of learning
so does not matter

what homo sapiens is saying 
he is simply " crazy "
he is not even noticed!

meanwhile no one can have an existence
no hope of just a future

not even small children know any more
what to do ?

they can not possibly say my parents are
> part of a mass of insane ...

all are mass of insanity

the fulfillment of the individual
can only succeed

if fulfillment of all is possible

so we need first of all
human rights now guaranteed

under the law
in reality guaranteed

because only if we
the infinite cosmic reality
work out together

to see every one for themself
that only the fulfillment
of the universe

being possible

if the fulfillment
of every one is possible

so if all
are able to fulfill themselfs

by argueing endlessly
in an argumentocracy

so where the best decision
so the last possible
binding for all
is used

and not how
in a infinite liberal
democratic stupid order
so in an enslavement of all

we asked
what do you slaves want ?
what do you competingly stupid want ?
ergo ... what climate flipping rights ?
predator rights do you want etc ?

so predators have no place
as a member of a human race
because they can not see something
since they can not argue

that can never work
do you see that now ?

the idiotcracy
is just creating the idiot!

and everyone can see this
as this major project today

where everyone is killing everyone
as the end aspiration !

since no one is able to argue now !
no one can have any solution now !

our argumentocracy

wisdom for everyone ...

can bring a paradise for everyone
because when everyone is convinced of
what they do being right
then there are no

in contrast
if all are the same problem
in this free democratic enslavement
so where everyone cannot be convinced of it
because it is the greatest failure in the universe
so climate flipping ...

no fulfillment
but only from one fata morgana
to rush to the other

because the whole thing
the greatest possible non sense

so all must
first of all to reflect
all talk to one another
recognize the delusion

and then on and on
finding the cosmic reality
recognize in their valid way of life
ot where everyone is always fulfilled

where a world becomes a paradise
and not brought to its end

so where no trained animals
do what some power wants them to do

who have no real knowledge themselfs
who does not know any thing himself
but only out of frustration
from his enslavement

these all to enslave

but if we see together
that only total knowledge
of the current reality

as the basis for a new reality
to use

so find out
what is the right thing to do

we should only see once
what this failure today

for hundreds of years
have done to all those

where not even small children
can believe more in it ....

and what is the reason ?
we are unable to even have any development ?

simply the fact that women are not interested in any humanity !
but simple their biological insanity !

and so select only such insane
or stupid men to support them

and ofcource produce
and support only such sons !

woman being so oppressed

by her satanic state
through this reversal of all reality
she will be spoiled to her death

because everyone knows
that women have no drive of their own
but all men have this

thus they are biology and soul
are dependent on man
and he of course
also on them

and a community of sapiens

and there this satanic state
where no human rights guarantee
and only the power of madness
being savored

being a woman in total security
as an instrument of enslavement

so this advertising everywhere
how a woman is so oppressed

so the fueling of her madness
to limitless liberation
the enslavement of man

because man has no rights at all
can see no sense

because this world will end
something that small children
can already see

only woman ...

and their satanic state
and all these zombies are responsible
for this all world destruction
are so excited about

of this all world destruction
which will not stop

because almost everyone is happy
because boundlessly freed enslaved
so not interested in anything else

so this planet satan

and Of course this not possibly
can guarantee human rights

so this idiot miracle
in perfection

because woman only about the fanning
of her madness

ergo ... her
this vanityl procurement search
to reach

everything real ... meaningful
she will reject with indignation

reality must not be public
there must be no real paradise

so no such design either
and without the current reality as a basis
can not change anything to positive

so long
this animal predation animal madness

not revealed as nonsense
there is no human race

and without homo sapiens
there can be no future

no order what so ever ...

just this of stupidity bursting
destruction of all creation

and this not any where
but every where ... no responsibility
no wisdom ... no intelligence

and not only this
but not even any interest
for any solution

on any intelligent life style
just this problem creation

ergo ... you read any travel description
of a laguna colorado in bolivia

and you will see
on the one hand all this nature splendor
and just a mile away this settlement
bursting from all garbage
and destruction

where all those damaging all this world
to flying to bolivia ... to rent a 4 wheeler
to demand all this service from the natives
to drive on down this mile

to seeing all this spendor
they are destroying

what could any universe do
with such a pest ?

where it is all about fechting money by destruction
to spending it while creating destruction

there while having no interest
in any humanity

being stupid was their fate

being stupid was their existence
being stupid their quality
being stupid their worth

being stupid
their their life insurance
and all their joy of dying

since what other such harm's joy
to savor

if not to
punish jesus christ !
because he was not stupid !!

of course our galileo !
our giordano bruno ...

any other intelligence
must be punished with death
so god help them !

what would all these idiots
otherwise do ?

compete with wisdom ?
with appreciation ?

these anti humans ...

this annihilation of every human being

do not need any human rights
but just the opposite

this climate tilt rights
these fields exhaust rights

these surgions slaughter rights
the pharmaceutical drug poisoning rights

and above all these predatory animal rights

the reintroduction of predatory animals
where they have already been exterminated

licensing to cannibals
for every human to eat rights
to guarantee

of course every predator
put exclusivly under nature damage
so that they eat humans

their nourishment away

and should a human
even start a dialogue
then he is simply ignored
since all of these are parasites

just want to take prey
want to savor all this damage
and vanity they create

on their prey successes
on their distraction successes
so ... just the opposite

because only if a community
always grasp the reality
can it be a human race

because only then
they will know with wisdom
being able to shape their future
guarantee their human dignity

so all of these are a total failure

since these billions
not even potentially
can save their

so these all must all
be eliminated

because otherwise
our universe would
would be eliminated

only organizing them selfs
as a humanity

and developing towards a humanity
could prevent their elimination


the argumentocracy

our cosmic community

the sapiens foundation

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion

the utopia institute


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